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This repository contains sources and scripts for building Linux From Scratch system v20190308 (~9.0 RC1).


All scenarios are distributed under the GNU General Public License v3.


  • Vagrant with VirtualBox
  • Make


With two commands

$ make
$ make boot

Step by step

  1. Optional

This repository already contains all necessary source files but it is possible to start literally from scratch with removing archives:

$ make clean

Download sources and check their md5 sums:

$ make src
  1. Configure host system and build LFS:
$ make install

Building an OS can take considerable time, even more than 10 hours.

For instance, on my system it tooks the following time:

$ time make install

real	681m8,127s
user	118m54,477s
sys	27m19,321s
CPU	21,46%

If the build is interrupted, the installation can be continued with the make or make build command, which is the same thing. In this case the packages already built will not be reassembled.

  1. Reboot the VM and load new LFS installation:
$ make boot

This command starts VM in GUI VirtualBox mode so it is possible to use GRUB to boot into LFS or Debian GNU/Linux.

  1. Check the LFS installation.

  1. Use you own Linux.