Various Linux scripts.
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This repository contains various scripts for performing routine operations, simplifying the daily work in the Linux and other small utilities.


All scripts and utilites are distributed under the GPLv3 license unless otherwise is specified.


A command

$ make install <path>

will create the symbolic link for each script in the <path> directory.



  • cnf is a command line interface for command-not-found website.
  • dus shows the directories' sizes sorted in descending order (see also dust).
  • ext unpacks archives.
  • pk creates archives of various types.
  • fcheck marks a file as read.
  • fucheck marks a file as unred.
  • fontsel shows the available console fonts.
  • fsz adjusts console font size.
  • hr displays horizontal rule with current time.
  • renamepdfs renames PDF files using their metadata.
  • ts adds timestamps to command’s output.
  • vcat displays file content with syntax highlighting (see also bat).
  • viper is a simple alternative to viper from moreutils package which can be used with custom vim parameters.


  • a2mp3 converts wav audio files to mp3 format.
  • axaudio gets an information and audio stream from Axia Livewire network.
  • mpfilter removes the rated tracks from current mpd playlist.
  • mptk allows to control mpd via mpc and store song's rating into id3v2 commentary tag.
  • retag writes id3 tags based on file path.
  • radio plays the internet radio stations from a list stored in the file.
  • vls runs vlc-ncurses with increased speed.


  • dada creates random 'verse' from the text.
  • fb2 opens fb2 files in w3m browser.
  • nt displays New Testament texts in two languages line by line.
  • spread opens file in speedread program via terminal emulator with custom settings.
  • tree2md creates markdown list and links of directory tree.
  • writeup opens distracted-free Vim editor with custom color scheme, fonts and plug-ins.


  • img50 resizes an image by half.
  • imgRL rotates an image to the left.
  • imgRR rotates an image to the right.
  • imgview, lsi, lsimage and lsimg display images in a terminal emulator.
  • photosort renames the image files by exif data.
  • th makes an image thumbnail.

Notes, Todo Tools

  • dates + conky or similar software remind of upcoming events (birthdays, etc.).
  • mem stores the shorts notes in the file.
  • pomodoro tracks the working time.
  • tcalendar shows a simple calendar widget.
  • todo-bingo provides a simple GUI to visualize TODO lists.


  • check-cert retrieves information about web site's TLS certificate.
  • curl-speed tests response time for specified URL.
  • ipcalc is DIY tcl version of, it takes an IP address and netmask and calculates the resulting broadcast, network, Cisco wildcard mask, and host range.


  • bor displays the latest posts from website.
  • ibor displays the latest posts from website.
  • libgen looks for books in the Library Genesis.
  • vandroucli retrieves the newest posts from the vandrouki websites (ru, by, asia).


Development tools



  • calculator computes mathematical expressions with variables and intermediate values.
  • fix-eselect adjusts 'type' command in gentoo's eselect scripts.
  • hidecursor moves cursor to upper right screen angle.
  • musca_status shows a list of all musca's workspaces.
  • poweroff-dialog and asroot provide a menu with 'shutdown', 'reboot' and 'suspend' commands.
  • windows shows a list of the all opened windows.
  • www opens rofi menu with the most used www-links.
  • x-open opens files via xdg-open (on Linux systems) or via open command (on MacOS).
  • xstab runs st terminal with the tabbed.